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001 - Grizzly Industrial - Showroom Signage

Problem: Showroom was dated. Over the course of 20+ years, way too many signs, created by way too many designers were created, and none were removed.
The Showroom was hectic and difficult to navigate, leading to less sales, and a difficult time attracting new clientele. As the average age of customer increases, Grizzly wanted their showroom to be re-omagned to bring in a younger audience.

My Role: I acted as Project manager, as well as Graphic Designer for this project. I worked closely with the Sales Manager of Grizzly Industrial. I managed this project from concept to instillation. AMS NW was the company wh printed these signs.

002 - Grizzly Industrial - Blog

Problem: In order to widen our sales funnel, as well as to set Grizzly apart from other woodworking companies, we wanted to launch a blog where we could work with influencers to create dynamic, iteresting content, as well as showcasing our products.

My Role: I designed the blog, first in InDesign, then in HTML/CSS. I then transformed the code into a WordPress site, using a mix of my own coding ability, a template, and some great plug-ins.
Our Social Media coordinator worked with several wonderful woodworking influebncers to create posts.
At the time of this addition, the blog is on standby, waiting for a better time to launch.